At Rendered, I bring to you my passion for elegance in clay. 

I wish to create because it makes me happy, and I want to give form to this happiness so I can share it.

All things begin with a thought, an idea that is inspired by life and nature. Then comes playing with clay, breathing life into the thought and adding color to the dream.

I find myself humming with restless energy as I convey ideas into clay, sometimes throwing on the wheel till my fingers are cold and other times using quick strokes to create a figure in clay. It is a love like none other, then cast in bronze or glazed and fired as clay into a piece that can share my joy.  As a patron of my work, you are an integral part of my journey and you will share my passion as you hold and use my creations.

My process varies as does the material used, from stoneware to porcelain, from cold finishes to oxidation, reduction, salt and soda firing. They are all tools and each one opens up endless possibilities to render my dreams into clay. I bring to you everything I have, vivid moments in clay that express my deepest emotions and I want to share with you the joy of being alive in this beautiful world. I bring you my happiness in little packages and I hope they light up your world and give you the same thrill that I get in making them.  In my work, I feel a connection with nature, a harmony in life - I feel centered just as my clay is on the wheel. I hope to share all this with you.

Please feel free to contact me at: gayatri.baisiwala@gmail.com